Thursday, 27 December 2007

A day in town - post 1 of the day

Yesterday morning when I woke up I had no idea I was up for a raid on the town... About 3pm, I suddenly decided to go to K'Thylda, an embroidery and patchwork shop (rue des Arts in Lille).

I only went there once, because even if they have the most gorgeous things, and display stuff they made themselves and such, things are expensive.

Not their fault, the rent in the neighborhood is so high, and stitching stuff is very expensive in France in general....

But that wouldn't stop me if it wasn't kind of badly situated if you circulate by car. But let's take a minute to thank DBF who drove around a very jammed town, where parkings were all full.

For me, I enjoyed visiting the Vieux Lille by car (less tiring than walking, and not as cold !!!). We got lucky: we made a wrong turn, we had to turn around, and the parking in front of the shop finally got spaces !!!

So we spent some time in there, DBF playing with his PSP and me, well... shopping.

I will show that in next post. The lady is very nice (I first made her laugh on the phone by asking her what time she was closing today, if she was opened !!! Irony !!!), and the shop is like a stitcher's fairyland. The major advantage is that you will find some charts you can't find anywhere, including touristy stuff like a kit of the Grand Place (you can see and purchase them on their website).

We then walked in town a bit, went to the Furet du Nord (biggest bookstore in Europe) where I found a cross stitch book). Then we tried to find a bakery to rest, but there were too many people... We finally took some stuff in a local bakery and went home...

All in all, no stitching for me !!! it's terrible ;)


Hier on a ete a K'thylda, quasi sur un coup de tete. J'ai quand meme appele la boutique avant de partir, demandant a quelle heure ca fermait, si c'etait ouvert aujourd'hui. L'ironie de la phrase nous a fait marrer toutes les deux. Il faut dire que les boutiaues en France, et particulierement dans le Vieux Lille ont tendance a fermer sur le temps de midi ou debut d'apres midi, ce genre de truc....

Donc, comme c'est un endroit pas evident a atteindre en voiture, mieux vaut prevoir. Et il faut dire que ce coup-ci DBF etait super, tournant dans le Vieux Lille pres d'une demi-heure a la recherche d'une place, pour finalement se tromper de route juste assez longtemps pour que le parking le plus proche se libere un peu.

Vu l'emplacement et le prix des choses, je n'ai ete qu'une fois a ce magasin avant (Le prix est pas vraiment leur faute, vu le prix des trucs de broderie en France et le loyer monstrueux du Vieux Lille !).

Mais ca vaut la peine de se deplacer pour toutes les belles choses qu'on ne trouve pas ailleurs... Allez sur leur site pour voir les kits touristiques regionaux par exemple.

Ensuite on a ete en ville se balader un peu, au Furet du Nord, tout ca.... Et du coup, pas de broderie pour moi hier !!!
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