Thursday, 27 December 2007

A day in town - post 2

This post is just to show what I got yesterday.

First you can see what I think is the most amazing thing: a silicon thimble, with flowers on it. I seem to be one of the few still using this tool to stitch. But when you use the sewing method and push the needle with your middle finger, it's a must !!!

She had red, yellow and blue as well, but I have a thing for the colour orange...

What else did I get in K'Thylda? French charts I drooled on visiting French Blogs like Lutine's from "Coeur de Lin", Symphonie de points and Harmonie de frises. And also a Patricia Ann design, Honey hive harmony.

I also got some fine linen (16 fils, I think it's 36 or 40 count), some Spring green cloudy linen (32ct), some size 26 and 28 needles, and some fabrics.

In the Furet du Nord I found this "Country au point de croix" book, from an American designer living in France. It's all 4 seasons in a very American style.

And when we went food shopping I got 2 French magazines as well, one Cross Stitch, and the other traditional embroidery.


Des photos de mon shopping... Le plus etonnant pour moi est ce de a coudre en silicone orange avec des fleurs. Je me sert de mon de a coudre tout le temps pour broder, donc c'est une decouverte important pour moi.

Sinon j'ai aussi pris des grilles, dont certaines que j'avais envie depuis que je les avais vues brodees sur des blogs francais, comme celui de Lutine. Plus du lin 16 fils, 12 fils, des tissus et des aiguilles.

Au Furet j'ai eu le livre de Country au point de croix, qui est les 4 saisons style americain.

Et finalement 2 magazines....
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