Saturday, 29 December 2007

Stitcher's prayer update 2

Here is my progress on "Stitcher's prayer". Tonight we'll have a crepes party at Lili's, and I hope to finish it today. And move on to "School of Needlework".

The verse is finished, the stitcher as well. The eyes are a bit weird. I made them more separated from eachother because the original very narrow ones looked a bit silly and weird. Guess what? too wide doesn't work either, so this is a nice compromise. I think what I feel is odd is the colour. But I will keep it this way for the moment. I might get used to it.

Yesterday afternoon DBF and I went to Menin with Lili and her DH. Both men are into video games, so we must be a weird ensemble.

The main purpose was of course to go to Het Atelier, an Ali Baba cave kind of LNS. We told the men there was a movie figurines store nearby so they would come with us. But it was still bizarre to have those two waiting in the store talking video games, movies and what they might stitch (!!!) in the middle of the store.

Once again it was the nice young lady (although I think she's older than me!) and not the anti-french speaking old lady. At one point she asked me "are you looking for something? ribbons?"

She blew my mind, because that's exactly what I was looking for !!!

Ok, I had a book about how to make birds and blossoms in silk ribbons (I can't wait to try that!!!) in my hands, but still... attention to details.

I also got a few fabrics to make Spring cushion (most of my fabrics are Christmas related!!!)

We then walked in Menin, and got waffles and chocolate in a TeaRoom before being slightly lost in the residential area looking for the car (guys didn't pay attention which way we went, Lili and I remembered a church with a square...) But we survived ok;)

To finish, a little "philosophical reflection", tell me what you think about this.

I notice that many people arrive on the snowman freebie post directly, and don't visit around. I don't really mind, I didn't post the freebie for any sort of gain, but I wonder why people don' look around. I'm the kind of person who likes to see what the person likes to stitch, and, let's be honnest, to see if there isn't any other freebie around ;)

And you, are you a "come and go" person, or "visiting" person?


Mon progres de Stitcher's prayer, que j'espere finir aujourd'hui, a la crepes party chez Lili. Thes mots sont faits, la bordeuse est faite, meme si les yeux ont l'air un peu bizarre... surement leur couleur claire.

Hier Lili et moi avons emmene nos hommes a Menin ou il y a une boutique de broderie, en disant qu'il y avait aussi une boutique de figurines de cine.

Pendant que les hommes parlaient cine, jeux videos et ce qu'ils allaient broder (pour le fun...), on a parcouru le magasin ou c'etait la jeune vendeuse, et pas la vieille pro flaminguante. Elle m'a soufflee en me demandant si je cherchais des rubans, ce qui etait exactement ce que je cherchais. Faut dire que j'avais un livre sur la broderie au ruban dans les mains...

Apres une balade en ville, on a mange des gauffres et bu du chocolat avant de se perdre un peu dans Menin a la recherche de la voiture. Les hommes n'avaient pas fait gaffe a la route, et Lili et moi on se souvenait d'une eglise avec un square.

Mais on s'y est retrouves quand meme.

Pour finir, une reflection philosophique: J'ai remarque que pas mal de gens arrivent directement sur le blog par le post de la grille du bonhomme de neige, sans visiter le reste. Fondamentalement ca ne me pose pas de probleme, mais je suis du genre a jeter un oeil au reste du blog dans un cas pareil, pour voir le style de broderie qu'aime la brodeuse, et, admettons-le, pour voir s'il n'y a pas d'autres grilles ;)

Et vous, etes-vous du genre a venir et partir, ou a continuer la visite?
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