Sunday, 30 December 2007

Miniature "lapin"

Yesterday I we had a crepes party at Lili's. I wasn't feeling like sittching on "Stitcher's prayer", so I started this little japanese freebie over one on... 36ct linen. You can find it here.

Yes, it was a bit of madness... You can see it's less than 4cm for a 45x45 stitches. A size 28 needle feels big to work with.

I had time to stitch the whole thing but the border at Lili's yesterday evening, as the guys played ont he PS3 until... 3am !!! Lili and I felt like we did a lot of stitches...

This morning I finished it into a mini scissor fob. I got the back fabric in K'thylda.

Lili and I also went to a LNS in Quesnois sur Deule where she knows the lady, and I got some Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate and other charts. And some silk ribbons. I'm sure you know where I'm going with my ribbons... New technique !!!

PS: I didn't change anything to the layout of my blog. I check on Firefox, IE, and on different computers, I don't see anything fishy...


Un petit freebie japonais que j'ai brode en 1 sur 1 sur lin 14fils hier soir chez Lili. Les garcons ont joue a la PS3 jusqu'a 3h du mat, ca fait beaucoup de temps pour broder !!!

Ce projet est 45x45 points, et fait moins de 4cm. Et c'est maintenant un mini coussin !

On a aussi ete a Quesnois sur Deule dans une boutique de broderie, et j'ai pris des rubans de soie et des grilles.

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