Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A Stitcher's prayer update 1

So yesterday I started on of my Christmas gift, A Stitcher's prayer from LHN on 36ct natural linen.

I now know that the problem I have with Snowflakes is the dark fabric.

Because this new project is a delight, even in near darkness (try to stitch in the same room as a man also enjoying his Christmas gifts, with his PS3 and a projector requiring a dark room...)

Anyway, I sitched 3/4 of the verse, in a not so orderly fashion. The reason is that to keep things clean, I re-start the thread at each word. There you go.


Mon project cadeau de Noel... A Stitcher's prayer. J'ai fait les 3/4 des mots, malgre les conditions parfois difficiles (semi-obscurite du a l'homme jouant a la PS3 au projecteur). Mais ca marche quand meme !
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