Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gingerbread Cottage update 3, or about whites....

As usual, pre-week end pic... I think I got sick going swimming on Wednesday, something weird on my lungs and down throat, not my typical cold.

Apart from a bit of chest compression, I feel ok surprisingly enough. What a good night sleep can do to us !!!!

Since last time I stitched the snow on the roof and the "floor". I started white on the house with DMC "blanc". I have loads of it. But then I remembered that B5200 is "bright white". So, as an experiment, I decided to do the snow in B5200, and compare with blanc ont he same design. The difference isn't stricking, but when you look up close in certain lights, the difference is obvious.

So the tip of the day would be "don't mix and match blanc with B5200". It might give a weird grimmy look to your stitching. Here I treated them as 2 separate colours, so of course it's ok ;)
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