Sunday, 16 December 2007

How to close a cushion

Well, Danielle... you are lucky to ask your questions on a week end... I made a tutorial about how to close a cushion. I have to admit I still had Pine tree Hill to close up, so...

For your particular project, I would match the fabric at the front. That's what you will be showcasing, right? ;)

Susan, I will indeed remain inside... it's 3c outside... and I still have a bit of a cold. But I don't feel particularly crafty today... so I don't know... ;)

Anyway, I'm sure I had this cushion left out... so here it is !

J'ai fait un tuto sur comment fermer un coussin avec des petits points apres qu'une lectrice m'aie demande comment je faisais. Comme j'avais aps encore ferme Pine Tree Hill... c'etait l'occase !
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