Saturday, 15 December 2007

Imminent departure?

Those of you who come directly to the blog (ie no feeds reader), might have noticed that I changed the "I'm stitching" to "Snowflakes" from Little House Needleworks.

The LHN and CCN yahoo groups have 2 simultaneous SALs, Gingerbread Cottage and Snowflakes. I'm finished with the first one, so here we go ont he second one.

I opted for Spruce blue 32ct linen. The brown is 434 instead of Crescent Colors Roasted Chestnut. And the other house is in DMC variations. Got a bit of a problem with this house. I first wanted to use a green/blue/purple Needle Necessities, but the chemistry wasn't right. Then I went for the classic DMC variation 4230, but the darkest blues being so close to the colour of the fabric... I decided to be daring and go for a more light and purple thread.

Of course this involved a lot of stitching/frogging....

On another note... I nearly stopped coughing, after more than 2 weeks, it's about time... but I still have a cold sort of thing. And I have no energy/courage to do all the stuff I am supposed to do this week end:

- Cleaning and packing
- Shopping
- Finnish the bead angels
- Make a cover for my brodeuse basket
- Make a pouch for my Acorns
- Do a bit of sewing

And of course all I want to do is sleep... not helping... But hey, it's the week end and the weather is bad !

Mon nouveau projet est "Snowflakes" de Little House Needleworks. Dans le groupe yahoo de LHN et CCN, on fait un SAL avec ca et Gingerbread Cottage. Comme j'ai deja fini GC...

J'ai pris "Spruce blue" 32 ct lin et j'utilise que du DMC, et pas les Crescent Colors preconises. D'une part, je trouve que ca ne vaut pas la peine d'acheter plus cher des fils parce qu'ils ont ete teints a la main, et d'autre part j'aime presser mon projet fini en le mouillant.

Et comme mouiller des fils et tissus teints les font baver... catastrophe.

Ce week end j'ai pleind e choses a faire, et aucun courage pour m'y mettre. Pourtant, comme c'est bientot les vacances, c'est le moment ou jamais !!!

- Menage et enpaquetage
- Coutures diverses
- Finir les petits anges en perles

Enfin, on verra lundi ce qui aura ete fait !!!
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