Friday, 14 December 2007

Stitcher question of the week

Do you do anything special to your threads before putting them through your fabric to make them more manageable?

No, DMC threads don't need any special treatment...Usually I use 2 strands, but unlike what they recommend (separate the strands and put them back together), I take both strands directly from the 6 strands and leave them naturally untwinned... Dunno if it makes a difference, really. But the thread doesn't even recoil.

Also, use the right needle for the fabric: size 24 for 28ct, size 26 for 32ct...

Faites-vous quelque chose de special a vos fils avant de broder pour qu'ils soient plus gerables?

Non, les fils DMC n'en ont pas besoin. Pourtant je ne separe pas les fils avant de les utiliser, je prends directement les deux fils de la masse de 6.

Par contre, j'utilise differentes aiguilles pour differents tissus. Plus grosse pour 14ct aida que pour 16 ct...
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