Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The dark period isn't over...

You start a new year... You'd expect a new start, some sign that the dark period you were stuck in in Nov/Dec will be gone with the year... Not so...Yesterday I was talking about my home phone not having a dial tone. Guess what? I come in at work and... no dial tone. What are the odds? At least at work I can use a collegue's phone...

Then I call Virgin Media, and they imply that because they have a normal ringing tone when they call my house, my phone itself is faulty, and I should try with another phone. Of course, I have multiple phones in my house... not.

Add to that the fact that my body aches. Going down 12 floors is a piece of cake, but a few hours later, you feel it in your legs, believe me. And carrying an heavy suitcase gives you pins and needles in your hands, and I start to feel it in my arms as well.

I'm glad my little story pleases you. I don't normally get stories from projects, but maybe it's because I was stitching just one character and it was obvious what they were doing, etc...Here it brings me back to my favourite game as a kid: school. Paradoxally, I hated going to school, but I liked teaching my dolls, and I had the whole Playmobil school as well. And no, I didn't become a teacher because I was realistic about what it meant day in and day out. Even if the kids behave, repeating always the same stuff, and having to prepare courses, spend time at home grading papers... not for me !

I was also pleased to see other people making up stories. Why don't you hare them with us on your blogs ?

For the rest of the story, you will have to wait a little bit. Yesterday I took Cinderella (mirabilia) again. I've been stitching LHN designs for 2 months now, and I felt I wanted to stitch a different style.

Kim, I totally agree with you and extra expenses with buttons and other embellishments. I would have thought that in a big city like NY you would get many craft stores? Here on the other side of the Atlantic, we have other nice things, very expensive most of the time, but if we want to do an US project, we have to order stuff online. Not always easy.

Nela, I'm so proud of myself, I understood everything you said en espanol...But I forgot what cintas are???


Vous commencez une nouvelle annee... vous esperez que la periode noire qui a sevi en novembre/decembre s'arrete avec l'anne 2007... Que non pas...Mon telephone a la maison ne fonctionne pas, j'arrive donc au boulot et je m'apprete a appeler la companie... et pas de tonalite.

Quelle est la probabilite que mon telephone de maison et de boulot tombent tous les deux en panne en meme temps? Et voila que la companie du telephone implique que la faute vient de mon appareil, et que je dois tester avec un autre telephone.

Bien sur, le pauvre, il n'a pas supporte le froid pendant 15 jours, et a subitement rendu l'ame... alors qu'il n'en montre aucun signe... Et j'ai evidemment plein de telephones a la maison pour tester. Evidemment pas.

Enfin.... ajoutons a cela que je me sens cassee, bras et jambes, avec des picotememnts dans les mains (cause de portage de valise)... c'est pas top quoi !

je suis contente que mes petites histoires vous plaisent. C'est la premiere fois que je fais ca avec un projet, car en general le perso du projet fait un truc evident, donc pas besoin d'en rajouter...Et je suis aussi heureusement surprise de voir que d'autres font des petites histories. Vous devriez les raconter sur vos blogs !!!!

Hier j'ai delaisse le projet pour Cendrillon (Mirabilia) car apres 2 mois de Little House Needleworks, je voulais changer de style, et aussi Cendrillon m'appelle depuis un bout de temps...

Pinkcanary, j'ai hate de voir les noms que tu trouveras pour tes persos !!!!
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