Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Depressed? Be crazy ! Cinderella update... don't remember the number

This is Cinderella (from Mirabilia) as she is now.

Loads of patches of colours. Huge design. The dress might be like 70% finished, but there's a whole castle and a border to stitch....

Of course you can't expect me to go on until it's finished... But little by little, she will be finished !

Of course there is nothing crazy about taking back an UFO (if anything, this is a very wise decision...).

No, the crazyness refers to the next picture. I took the plunge and bought a daylight portable lamp. I enjoyed Lili's (she's got the fancy rolly floorstand one) during our Saturday evening stitching sessions.

Plus I'm fed up with those "no light" days we are having. Juggling to take pictures that aren't that nice anyway... Here I took Cinderella without a flash.

If you add the works on dark fabric and the miniatures (I still have to show you my second mini-rabbit project), I really needed that lamp ! Of course the portability means I can travel around with it as well...

Before you ask... I bought it in hobby craft. I would have spared money by buying online, but I fear the bulb would come broken or something. As I was there I bought Cross Stitch Collection magazine, because of Joan Elliott's sunbonnet girls. They will make nice cards...

And I finally bought my tickets to go to Excel's Stitch and creative show in London. Here I used the magazines discount...

I usually miss the event due to personal timing clashes... so I hope it's good !


Ou j'en suis avec Cinderella... il reste encore beaucoup a faire !!!!

J'ai aussi achete une "daylight" lampe, ce qui est pratique pour prendre les photos le soir, et faire mes miniatures, travail sur tissu fonce,e tc...

J'y ai pris gout avec la lampe de Lili, qui elle a la version sur pied roulant. Moi c'est la portable, pour pouvoir voyager.

J'ai aussi achete un magazine pour les petites filles style Sarah Kay, et des tickets pour l'expo a Londres du 1er Mars. D'habitude je rate l'expo pour raisons perso... mais la... faut y aller !
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