Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Giant blob finished - on to make it something else...

Ok, so I took a picture of the cats, crosses and half stitches finished. I suspect I will have to spend as much time on the backstitching.... oh, well !

Today is migraine day, so light is painful... not good for computers or stitching or anything. Yesterday I had my first Aquacise course, and it was so much fun ! I can't believe they consider that working out? Jumping around in the water and such, it's more my idea of fun than anything !

I still love Sew and So: I ordered threads and patterns yesterday, and I got them in my mailbox today !!! Now THAT is good service.

I got the Crescent Colours threads for Curly Q Ewe (so timing was essential here, as we are starting on Friday), only 1 was missing (out of stock, not missing missing). I have to say I love those colours !!!!

And I also got Bent Creek's Spring pixie ( I had the 3 others, but I plan on stitching all for of them in the season...), Lizzi Kate's Spring stack, and Easter Sampler.


Une photo des chatons avant les points arriere...

Comme j'ai la migraine, c'est pas ideal pour computer ou broder.

J'adore toujours Sew and So, j'ai commande des trucs hier et c'est arrive aujourd'hui ! Finalement j'ai decide de broder Curly Q Ewe avec les Crescent Colours, et donc le timing etait essentiel. Il ne me manque que le vert... Ca viendra plus tard ! J'adore quand ils envoient ce qu'ils ont directement, quitte a faire plusieurs envois.. Ca c'est du service !

J'ai aussi eu Benk Creek Spring Pixie, et 2 Lizzie Kate.

Hier j'ai eu ma premiere session d'Aquagym,e t c'etait super fun ! J'arrive pas a croire qu'ils considerent ca comme du sport, sauter dans l'eau en gigottant, ce'st plutot du divertissement pour moi !
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