Sunday, 24 February 2008

I'm a big tease...

Mostly because of lack of time, or something like that...
Here is my first Easter ornie, front and back. I had loads of fun designing this. I actually ended up designing as I stitch !

Technical details: stitched on my green marbled 32 count linen, over 2. The 2 pieces are sewn in "biscornu like" technique, incorporating seed beads. The cord was hand made with the orange and yellow threads of the design.

As I merrily created on the go, I took pictures and prepared notes for you. I guess this is the part justifying paying the designers for charts: the charting and pdfing part. Meaning I have quite some computer time to spend before I can get the chart out.

I guess I should ask for a better charting software for Christmas ;)

I am already planning on doing more: getting a real egg shape (here it's more of an oval), and more designs. It will be fun.

With DBF leaving today, and Mom coming tomorrow, stitching time is a bit reduced, but... you know how it is...


Une mise en bouche seulement (ie. le produit fini sans la grille !!!) car j'ai pas vraiment le temps.. J'ai pris les photos pour le tuto pour faire l'oeuf, a la maniere des biscornus en fait, avec des perles en prime.

Il me faut bien du temps pour faire la grille, le tuto, mettre en pdf, tout ca... je vois maintenant pourquoi les designers sont payees pour leur boulot ;)

J'ai cree surtout en brodant, ce qui etait tres fun, et j'ai encore d'autres idees pour en faire d'autres !!!

Evidemment, avec DBF partant aujourd'hui, et maman arrivant demain, ya pas trop de temps, mais bon.. c'est la vie !!!
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