Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lemon pie recipe

I love lemon pies (just like the Stark girls, if you know Game of Thrones), but DBF hates them. So it's not easy to try and make one, then be the only one eating it. But I was lucky, because DBF's mom and sister came to visit and gave me a yummy thumbs up.

This recipe is a first draft, so if you try it on, don't hesitate to send your comments ! The originality is that it's made with milk, not with butter.

Start with making a basic pie crust (recipe here)
Read the preliminary notes


2 lemons
about 350 ml of cold milk
2 soup spoon Maizena
1 egg yolk
150 g of sugar


Cook the crust blank 5-10 minutes at 180°c. Meanwhile, prepare the lemon cream.

Squeeze 2 lemons and measure the volume up. It will determine how much milk you need for a final volume of 450 ml. For exemple, if you have 100 ml of lemon juice, you'll need 350 ml of milk.

Put the milk and the sugar to boil in a pan, but keep 50 ml to dilute the Maizena, the egg and the lemon juice.

Remove the pie from the oven before the milk boils. Because once it does, you'll have to add the Maizena, egg and juice mix to the pan, mixing constantly, and the cream will thicken fast (in about 1 minute max). And you want to have the pie crust nearby to pour the cream in.

Oven cook the pie 15 minutes at 180°c.

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